The World's Columbian Exposition : a centennial bibliographic guide


The World's Columbian Exposition : a centennial bibliographic guide

David J. Bertuca, senior compiler ; Donald K. Hartman and Susan M. Neumeister, co-compilers

(Bibliographies and indexes in American history, no. 26)

Greenwood Press, 1996

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In 1893, the World's Columbian Exposition had a profound impact on urban planning and the Beaux-Arts period of American architecture. The fair introduced the Ferris Wheel, Cracker Jacks, and fiberglass. Yet today, except for one building and a grassy park, all that remains is the legacy of printed material dispersed throughout the country. This reference guide, intended for historians, librarians, and collectors, provides access to that legacy. The introduction summarizes the Exposition's influence. The bibliography, arranged to allow researchers to browse topics broadly, describes over 6,000 books, journal articles, and other materials. A directory of special collections of fair-related materials is also included. Newspaper and magazine articles, books, dissertations, drawings, photographs, maps, letters, documents, and collections of memorabilia-these provide the enduring heritage of the fair. This guide provides information on all aspects of that heritage. In addition to the bibilography itself, an extensive introduction discusses the influence the fair has had on America. Illustrations provide a visual portrayal of the fair. A directory of special collections of fair-related materials provides an inventory of each collection, along with addresses and telephone numbers. This book is the only comprehensive reference guide to the World's Columbian Exposition.


Preface List of Journals Indexed (selected) Introduction General Works on the Fair General Works on Chicago, Statistics of the Fair, and Relation to Other World's Fairs Creating the Fair: Works on the Creation of the World's Columbian Exposition Events, Ceremonies, and Special Days at the Fair Controversies and Major Disputes Public Comfort, Fire and Security Services, Medical and Food Operations, and Lodging Buildings and Exhibits of Agriculture, Fish and Fisheries, Forestry and Horticulture Electricity at the Fair: The Electricity Building, Exhibits, and Uses of Electricity The Fine Arts Building and Fine Arts Exhibits at the Fair The Department of Liberal Arts and Ethnology: Building and Exhibits on Liberal Arts The Department of Manufactures and Machinery Military Exhibits at the Fair The Department of Mines and Mining: Buildings and Exhibits Performing Arts Transportation: Buildings, Exhibits and Uses, Both in and to the Fair Women at the Fair States and Territories of the United States: Participation and Planning, Building, and Exhibits at the Fair Foreign Participation United States Government: Participation and Planning, Buildings, and Exhibits at the Fair The Midway Plaisance, Ferris Wheel, and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Christopher Columbus: Works on Columbus, Artifacts and Dedicatory Materials, the Caravels of Columbus, and the Convent of La Rabida Photography at the Fair Literature: Including Works of Prose, Poetry, and Fiction about, or Relating to, the Fair People at the Fair: Biographies, Reports of Visits and Accounts of People at, or Relating to the Fair The World's Congress Auxiliary Aftermath of the Fair SC1: Collections of Archives and Manuscripts SC2: Collections of Ephemera and Exhibit Materials SC3: Collections of Photographs and Illustrations Appendix 1: Recent Finds and Miscellaneous Items Appendix 2: Firsts of the Fair Appendix 3: Special Days at the Fair Appendix 4: Statistics and Trivial Data Index

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