The Java tutorial : object-oriented programming for the Internet


The Java tutorial : object-oriented programming for the Internet

Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath

(The Java series)

Addison-Wesley, 1998

2nd ed

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Third Edition now available! Follow your own path to expertise with this self-guided tour of the JavaaA A programming language. Written by two members of the JavaSoft team at Sun Microsystems, the book employs a hands-on interactive approach to teaching Java basics, object-oriented concepts, applet programming, and everything else you need to know to become a proficient Java programmer. Through a task-oriented, example-driven approach, The JavaaA A Tutorial introduces you to fundamental concepts and applications. Designed so that you can customize your own path through the specific information you need, the book explains the nuts and bolts of the language, applet construction, and the fundamental Java classes. You will also learn about more advanced topics such as creating a graphical user interface (GUI), using multiple threads, and working with Java's networking capabilities. This Second Edition has been extensively updated to cover API changes in Java 1.1 regarding UI, networking, and I/O, and to include the latest Java language developments.New and updated material includes: *receiving broadcasts using a multicast socket *new I/O features, including character streams and object serialization *the latest developments in applet tags *using the 1. 1 AWT event system *new language features, such as nested classes *tips for writing 100% Pure Java programs *updating 1.0 programs to use the 1.1 API In addition, the Second Edition has been revised and reorganized to offer a stronger and more cohesive presentation, making this best-selling and award-winning book even better. The Tutorial now starts with a new lesson that introduces you to the Java phenomenon and provides a foundation for understanding the rest of the book. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the Tutorial and all its code samples, versions of the Java Development KitaA A (JDK) and the JDK documentation for each major platform, and the HotJavaaA A Browser.On the CD, the HTML version of the book is browser-friendly and contains information not found in the printed text, such as draft lessons on internationalizing Java programs, calling non-Java libraries from Java programs, using the security API, developing JavaBeansaA A components, and using the GUI components in the Swing/JFC package. 0201310074B04062001


Lesson 1. The Java Phenomenon. Lesson 2. The "Hello World" Application. Lesson 3. The "Hello World" Applet. Common Problems (and Their Solutions). End of Trail. Learning the Java Language. Lesson 4. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts. Lesson 5. The Nuts and Bolts of the Java Language. Lesson 6. Objects and Classes in Java. Lesson 7. More Features of the Java Language. Common Problems (and Their Solutions). End of Trail. Writing Applets. Lesson 8. Overview of Applets. Lesson 9. Taking Advantage of the Applet API. Lesson 10. Practical Considerations of Writing Applets. Lesson 11. Finishing an Applet. Common Problems (and Their Solutions). End of Trail. Essential Java Classes. Lesson 12. Using String and StringBuffer. Lesson 13. Setting Program Attributes. Lesson 14. Accessing System Resources. Lesson 15. Handling Errors With Exceptions. Lesson 16. Doing Two or More Tasks at Once: Threads. Lesson 17. Reading and Writing (but no 'rithmetic). End of Trail. Creating a User Interface. Lesson 18. Overview of the Java UI. Lesson 19. Using Components, the GUI Building Blocks. Lesson 20. Laying Out Components Within a Container. Lesson 21. Working with Graphics. Common Problems (and Their Solutions). End of Trail. Custom Networking. Lesson 22. Overview of Networking. Lesson 23. Working with URLs. Lesson 24. All About Sockets. Lesson 25. All About Datagrams. End of Trail. To 1.1--And Beyond! Lesson 26. What's New in 1.1. Lesson 27. Migrating to 1.1. Lesson 28. A Preview of Things to Come. End of Trail. Appendix A: Code Examples. Appendix B: Reference. Index.

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