Austria 1945-95 : fifty years of the Second Republic


Austria 1945-95 : fifty years of the Second Republic

edited by Kurt Richard Luther and Peter Pulzer

Ashgate, c1998

  • : hardbound

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"Association for the study of German politics"--Cover

Papers delivered at the conference on the Second Austrian Republic, held in June 1995 at the London School of Economics

Includes bibliographical references and index



This is a collection of 12 essays, based on those given at an international conference on the Second Austrian Republic. They look back at the development of Austrian politics from occupation to independence, evaluate the development of Austria's national identity and political institutions, and look forward to the impact on Austria of the end of the Cold War, European Union membership and the secularization of the political culture. Individual essays cover such topics as the origins of the Second Republic, the post-war coalition government, analysis of superpower assessments of the geopolitical and economic context of Austrian neutrality during the first two post-war decades, the gradual development of a sense of Austrian national identity and the orientation of Austria's political culture.


  • Part 1 The genesis of the Second Republic: the origins of the Second Republic - a retrospective view, Erika Weinzierl
  • the Renner state government and Austrian sovereignty, Robert Knight
  • Austrian identity in a schizophrenic age - Hilde Spiel and the literary politics of exile and reintegration, Edward Timms
  • superpower perceptions of Austrian neutrality post-1955, Oliver Rathkolb. Part 2 Society and politics: the development of Austrian national identity, Ernst Bruckmuller
  • Austrian political culture - from subject to participant orientation, Anton Pelinka
  • from accommodation to competition - the "normalization" of the Second Republic's party system? Kurt Richard Luther. Part 3 External relations: Austrian foreign policy from the State Treaty to European Union membership (1955-1995), Helmut Kramer
  • Austria and its immediate neighbours - Hungary, Lazlo J. Kiss
  • Austria's new neighbours - the Slovenian perspective, walter Lukan
  • Austria still between east and west? Hanspeter Neuhold. Part 4 Between collectivism and liberalism - the political evolution of Austria since 1945, Peter Pulzer.

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