The collected speeches of Margaret Thatcher


The collected speeches of Margaret Thatcher

edited by Robin Harris

HarperCollins, 1997

1st U.S. ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



By the time she stepped down in 1990, Margaret Thatcher had become one of her generation's outstanding political leaders, and perhaps the most powerful woman in the world. Possessing an iron will, she matched words with action in confronting the crises of the day in economic affairs, in the Falklands War, in Northern Ireland, in the great twilight struggle of the Cold War and finally in Europe. Margaret Thatcher's speeches are revealing of how she developed the vision which would help shape international politics in the late 20th century. They begin with the speeches she made as part of her campaign to mould the ideas of the Conservative Party in Opposition. They continue with the famous addresses in which she expressed her convictions as prime minister and include lectures in which she gives her current, and controversial, thoughts about the world in 1999.

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