Developing Java software



Developing Java software

Russel Winder and Graham Roberts

(Worldwide series in computer science)

Wiley, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [799]-801) and index



Teaching how to program in an object-oriented style and beginning with basic ideas, this book progresses to the process of creating useful object-oriented applications. Its starting point is that Java is a language for developing serious and sizeable applications rather than small applets. Along the way, the core features of Java are covered, including the use of exceptions and multi-threading. Attention is paid to the use and creation of classes and how to class libraries are created and re-used. The "How to program in Java" content is underpinned by a presentation of object-oriented programming concepts and object-oriented design, with the aim of providing a framework for understanding how Java programs work and how they can be designed in an organized and systematic way. Many examples are provided to support the main text, illustrating how to use Java effectively. The final part of the book provides a series of case studies of larger applications, showing how the core ideas can be applied when creating real applications, particularly those that use network communications.


PROGRAMMING WITH OBJECTS AND CLASSES. Programming Fundamentals. Introducing Objects and Classes. Class Relationships. Java, Classes and Objects. Introducing Threads and Exceptions. A Complete Program. The Programming Process. A Program Design Example. THE JAVA PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE IN DETAIL. A Java Language Reference. Variables, Types and Expressions. Flow Control. Classes and Packages. Inheritance and Interfaces. Exception Handling. Threads and Concurrency. BUILDING CLASS LIBRARIES. Building Libraries. List and Sequence. Queue. Dequeue. Stack. Tree. Heap. Priority Queue. Mapping and Hash Table. Searching. Sorting--Comparative Methods. Sorting--Distributive Methods. Sorting--External Methods. CASE STUDIES IN DEVELOPING PROGRAMS. Introducing the Case Studies. A Mail Merge System. Pedestrian Crossing Simulation. Simulating Ants. ENDMATTER. Appendices. Index.

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