A Mediterranean valley : landscape archaeology and Annales history in the Biferno Valley



A Mediterranean valley : landscape archaeology and Annales history in the Biferno Valley

Graeme Barker ; with major contributions by Richard Hodges ... [et al.] ; & specialist contributions by Gill Clark ... [et al.]

Leicester University Press, 1995

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Integrating the techniques of archaeology, history and geography, this book traces the history of human settlement in the Biferno Valley from early prehistory to the present century. It also covers the parallel story of landscape development, showing that the two have to be understood together. It argues for the importance of human settlement, rather than climate (as is often argued) in shaping the Mediterranean landscape. This book provides an interdisciplinary study of a restricted region, but about an important theme: the relationship between people and landscape in the past, and what we can learn from it for the future. A second volume containing the specialist supporting data collected by the archaeological project is also available, entitled "The Biferno Valley: An Archaeological History of a Mediterranean Landscape - the Archaeological and Geomorphical Record". This volume, edited by Graeme Barker, is published in the Leicester Archaeology Monograph series and is available from the School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester.


  • Approaches to Mediterranean landscape history
  • the Biferno Valley - the modern landscape
  • the Biferno Valley survey - methodologies
  • the natural landscape and its evolution
  • early prehistoric settlement
  • the first agricultural communities
  • the settlement expansion of the second millennium BC
  • Iron Age chiefdoms (c. 1000-500 BC)
  • Pentri, Frentani and the beginnings of urbanization (c. 500-80 BC)
  • Roman towns and territories (c.80 BC-AD 600)
  • the evolution of hilltop villages (AD 600-1500)
  • feudalism and the "Southern Question" (AD 1500 to the present)
  • retrospect - the evolution of a Mediterranean landscape.

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