Learning to lead in higher education


    • Ramsden, Paul


Learning to lead in higher education

Paul Ramsden

Routledge, 1998

  • hard
  • pbk.

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Includes bibliographical references (p.276-282) and index



The future success of our universities depends on academics' capacity to respond energetically to change. To help academics face new and uncertain demands, we need an entirely different approach to their management and leadership. This book shows academic leaders how to increase resource productivity and enhance teaching quality. It also demonstrates how leaders can help their staff through momentous change without compromising professional standards. Drawing on ideas from the world of business leadership as well as research into what makes academics committed and productive, Learning to Lead in Higher Education provides heads of departments and course leaders with practical tools they can use to improve their management and leadership skills. It shows academic and university leaders at all levels how they can turn adversity into prosperity.


Preface. Acknowledgements. Part 1: Leadership in Higher Education. 1. Introduction 2. The Leadership Challenge in the Contemporary Context of Higher Education 3. Academic Productivity and the Outcomes of Higher Education 4. Influences on Academic Work 5. Leadership from the Academic's Perspective 6. Leadership and Academic Leadership Part 2: Leading Academic Work. 7. Vision, Strategy and Planning 8. Enabling Academic People 9. Recognising and Developing Performance Part 3: Changing Universities and Improving Leadership. 10. Learning to Lead: Personal Development as an Academic Leader 11. Improving University Leadership References. Appendix. Leadership for Academic Work Questionnaire. Notes.

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