Blood supply of bone : scientific aspects


Blood supply of bone : scientific aspects

Murray Brookes, William J. Revell

Springer, c1998

Rev. and updated ed.

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 304-333) and index



This work offers a comprehensive description of the development and physiology of blood supply to the skeleton. Investigative techniques for different types of bone in the body are discussed and the effects of disturbed circulation and the vascular control of osteogenesis are described. This volume contains much revised material and many new illustrations reflecting advances in this research field since publication of its precursor in 1971.


  • Nutrient Vessels.- Modes of Bone Growth: Disposition of the Nutrient Artery.- Early Development of Nutrient Vessels.- Blood Supply of Irregular Bones: Vertebral Column
  • Carpal and Tarsal Bones.- Blood Supply of Flat Bones: Bones of the Skull.- Blood Vessels in Bone Marrow.- Cortex and Periosteum.- Cartilage Canals.- Growth Cartilages.- Synovial Joints: 1, 2, 3.- Haemodynamics.- Measurement of Bone Vascularity.- Bone Blood Flow Measurement: Indicator Dilution
  • Clearance of Bone Seeking Tracers
  • Arteriolar Blockade.- Disturbed Osseous Circulation: Arterial Ischaemia
  • Effects of Venous Obstruction on Bone.- Bone Haemodynamics in Venous Impediment.- Vascular Control of Osteogenesis.

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