Sculpture conservation : preservation or interference?


    • Lindley, Phillip


Sculpture conservation : preservation or interference?

edited by Phillip Lindley

Scolar Press, c1997

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The field of sculpture conservation has long been a contentious one. Evaluative judgements are made, balancing assessments of the importance of the original sculpture against the significance of the restorer's work in transforming the image to meet the aesthetic and market-place demands of the time. This collection of 20 essays by an international group of contributors in part debates how these judgements both influence ard are influenced by the requirements of contemporary curators and conservators. There is also discussion of the types of conservation techniques currently available and the role that institutions such as English Heritage have to play in conservation policy. These essays demonstrate that there are few unequivocal answers to the cultural and ethical problems of sculpture conservation. Taken together they make clear the need to establish reliable frameworks within which conservation prodedures can take place which are no longer clouded by personal or professional antagonisms.


  • Contents: Preface and Acknowledgements
  • List of Plates
  • Introduction, P Lindley
  • Cathedrals in England: The Statutory Context for Conservation, R Gem
  • Sculpture Conservation in England and Wales: An Architect's View, M Caroe
  • The Bureaucratic Tendency: Polemic Relections on the Control of Conservation Work, with Reference to the Romanesque Frieze at Lincoln Cathedral, J Baily
  • The Historic Monuments of France and their Fate: Who Makes the Decisions?, I Pallot-Frossard
  • Conservation: A Direct Route to the Protection and Study of Monuments, R Nardi
  • Sculpture in Active Service, J Farnsworth
  • Preservation or Desecration? The Legal Position of the Restorer, R Fry
  • A Standard for Care: The Role of English Heritage in the Provision of Conservation Expertise, K Foley
  • Sculpture Conservation: Treatment or Reinterpretation?, J Larson
  • An Assessment of the "Lime Method" of Conservation of Exterior Limestone Sculpture, N Durnan
  • Treatment and Protection of Public Monumental Stone Sculpture in Britain: The Role of the Sculpture Conservator, J Porter
  • Perspectives on the Repatination of Outdoor Bronze Sculptures, J Heuman
  • The Monument to George Home, First Earl of Dunbar, by Maximilian Colt, c.1611, in Dunbar Parish Church, K Taylor
  • Vasari's Theory on the Origins of Oil Painting and its Influence on Cleaning Methods: The Ruined Polychromy of the Early Thirteenth-Century Crucifix from Haug, Norway, K Kollandsrud
  • Problems in the Cleaning of Polychromed Wood Sculpture, B Schleicher
  • Pietro Torrigiano's Tomb of Dr Yonge in the Public Record Office: Conservation Discoveries and Decisions, C Galvin and P Lindley
  • A View of Sculpture Conservation in Finland, L Wikstrom
  • Variations in the Surface of Stone Owing to the Presence of Organic and Inorganic Substances, A Parronchi
  • The Display and Conservation of Sculpture at Petworth, T Proudfoot & C Rowell
  • Some Observations and Reflections on the Restoration of Antique Sculpture in the Eighteenth Century, G Vaughan.

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