Boundary and space : an introduction to the work of D.W. Winnicott


Boundary and space : an introduction to the work of D.W. Winnicott

by Madeleine Davis and David Wallbridge

Brunner/Mazel , H. Karnac Books, [1990 or 1991]

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 195-200) and index



First published in 1991. D. W. Winnicott-one of this century's most important theorists-is the focus of the new edition of this extraordinary volume. Drawing extensively upon Winnicott' s own papers and lectures, the main themes of his theory and personal development are revealed. His vast contributions to the understanding of the profound significance of infancy in the total life of human beings is brought to the foreground. And throughout, D. W. Winnicott-noted pediatrician and child analyst, revered teacher and theorist-shines through. Part I, The Background, discusses Winnicott's personal beliefs and the evolution of his theory of emotional development. In Part II, The Theory of Emotional Development, his main themes are introduced: Basic Assumptions, Early Psychic Functioning, Adapting to Shared Reality, and The Environmental Provision. Part III, Boundary and Space. considers some of the implications of Winnicott' s theory of development for the individual, and for society. Boundary and Space provides the first systematic presentation of D. W. Winnicott' s developmental and clinical methodology. This up dated edition also includes a comprehensive bibliography of the works from which the book draws, in addition to an enlightening article that links Winnicott' s evolving ideas to various stages of his life. For all pro fessionals and students interested in human development, this volume is an essential invitation into the world of D. W. Winnicott. his words and work.


  • Chapter 1 The Background
  • Chapter 2 The Theory of Emotional Development
  • Chapter 3 Boundary and Space

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