Doing research about education


Doing research about education

edited by Geoffrey Walford

(Social research and education studies series, 17)

Falmer Press, 1998

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This book brings together semi-autobiographical accounts from major educationalists about their influential research, focusing on the practical and personal aspects of the research process. The collection reflects the great changes that have occured within educational research since the 1980s and deals with the issues and situations of the late 1990s. It includes accounts that cover the various stages of the research process, a sampling of topics, the diversity of methodologies used in educational research and a range of theoretical perspectives. There is coverage of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and of large and smaller scale research. Also discussed are: ESRC programme research, contract research and theoretical research.


1. Introduction: research accounts count 2. Researching the "pastoral" and the "academic": an ethnographic exploration of Bernstein's sociology of the curriculum 3. Are you a girl, or are you a teacher? Some questions about researching gender and sexuality in a primary school 4. Critical moments in the "Creative Teaching" research 5. Developing the "Identity and Learning Programme": principles and pragmatism in a longitudinal ethnography of pupil careers 6. Using ethnographic methods in a study of students' secondary school and post-school careers 7. More than the sum of its parts? Coordinating the ESRC research programme on "Innovation and Change in Education" 8. Climbing an educational mountain: conducting the International School Effectiveness Research Project (ISERP) 9. The making of men: theorizing methodology in "uncertain times" 10. The profession of a methodological purist? 11. The director's tale: developing teams and themes in a research centre 12. The last blue mountain? Doing educational research in a contract culture 13. Compulsive writing behaviour: getting it published

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