The new British politics


The new British politics

Ian Budge, Ivor Crewe, David McKay, Ken Newton ; with contributions from David Robertson ... [et al.]

Addison Wesley Longman, 1998

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A well-known and respected author team provide an authoritative, original and up-to-date introduction to British Politics. In contrast to other books it places a greater emphasis on the importance of the global economy and Britain's place in Europe and the extent to which the British constitution is equipped for the challenges of the 21st century. An authoritative book which covers all the key themes and issues within British politics by providing a solid framework for discussion with student questions,and chapter summaries which aid learning. Authors: Professor Ivor Crewe, Professor Ian Budge, Professor David McKay, Professor Kenneth Newton all based at the Department of Government, University of Essex. Specially commissioned contributors: Professor Albert Weale, Department of Government, University of Essex, Professor Maurice Sunkin, Department of Law, University of Essex, Nigel South, Department of Sociology, University of Essex and David Robertson, St Hughes College, Oxford.


*Part 1 Background *Explaining British Politics: International, Social and Historical Contexts *'Fixing' Institutions and Relationships: The British World System 1850-1930 *From Protection Back to Free Trade 1931-1998 *Britain in Europe *Europe in Britain *The (Dis)UNited Kingdom? Ireland, Scotland and Wales *Part 2 Government *A British Constitution? *The Core Executive - Prime Minister and Cabinet *Ministries, Ministers and Mandarins: Central Government in Britain *The Changing State: Administrative Reforms *Judicial Review of Administration *Part 3 Participation *Pressure Groups *The Nature and Impact of the Mass Media *The Mass Media and Pluralist Democracy in Britain *Elections and Voting *Political Parties and Party Factions *Part 4 Representation *Party Ideologies and Political Representation *Parties and Parliament *Local Democracy *Part 5 Order *Courts and Judges *The Police and Policing *Security and Secrecy *Part 6 Policy *Foreign and Defence Policy *Environmental Policy *Economic Policy *Social Policy *Equal Opportunities *Part 7 The New British Politics *A New Politics? *British Democracy? *Glossary *List of abbreviations *Author Index *Subject Index

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