Rational choice and situational crime prevention : theoretical foundations


Rational choice and situational crime prevention : theoretical foundations

edited by Graeme Newman, Ronald V. Clarke, and S. Giora Shoham

Dartmouth , Ashgate, c1997

  • : hardcover

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A collection of original papers examining the theoretical and philosophical bases of the perspective of situational crime prevention. Among issues examined are: the status of situational crime prevention as a theory; the theoretical traditions and context of SCP; the relationship of rational choice to SCP; utilitarianism and SCP; and the ethical./policy implications of SCP.


  • Contents: Introduction: Towards a theory of situational crime prevention, Graeme Newman
  • Rational choice and the legal model of the criminal, Marcel Alexander Niggli
  • Limited rationality and crime, Karl-Dieter Opp
  • Reconsidering the role of opportunity in situational crime prevention, Richard Wortley
  • Situational aspects of violence, S. Giora Shoham
  • Realism, situational rationality and crime prevention, Nick Tilley
  • Situational crime prevention and the utilitarian tradition, Pietro Marongiu and Graeme Newman
  • Situational crime prevention and the utilitarian theories of Jeremy Bentham, Graeme Newman and Pietro Marongiu
  • Wartime operational research in Britain and situational crime prevention, Leslie T. Wilkins
  • Criminology in crisis and the social demand for crime prevention, Gaetana Russo
  • Philosophical justifications of situational crime prevention, Rene Seve
  • The ethics of situational crime prevention, Marcus Felson and Ronald V. Clarke
  • On the displacement of repeat victimization, Adam C. Bouloukos and Graham Farrell
  • Predicting the future: the roles of routine activity and rational choice theory, Ken Pease.

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