Troubled times : violence and warfare in the past


Troubled times : violence and warfare in the past

edited by Debra L. Martin and David W. Frayer

(War and society, v. 3)

Gordon & Breach, c1997

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Evidence amassed in Troubled Times indicates that, much like in the modern world, violence was not an uncommon aspect of prehistoric dispute resolution. From the civilizations of the American Southwest to the Mesolithic of Central Europe, the contributors examine violence in hunter-gatherer as well as state societies from both the New and Old Worlds. Drawing upon cross-cultural analyses, archaeological data, and skeletal remains, this collection of papers offers evidence of domestic violence, homicide, warfare, cannibalism, and ritualized combat among ancient peoples. Beyond the physical evidence, various models and explanations for violence in the past are explored.


1. Violence Against Women: Raiding and Abduction in Prehistoric Michigan 2. Violence in the Ethnographic Record Patterns of Violence in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Societies of Coastal Southern California 3. Violence and Gender in Early Italy 4. Ofnet: Evidence for a Mesolithic Massacre 5. Evidence for Human Sacrifice, Bone Modification and Cannibalism in Ancient Mexico 6. Osteological Indications of Warfare in the Archaic Period of the Western Tennessee Valley 7. Violence Against Women in the La Plata River Valley (AD 1000-1300) 8. Wife Beating, Boxing, and Broken Noses: Skeletal Evidence for the Cultural Patterning of Violence 9. The Evolution of Northwest Coast Warfare 10. Frontier Warfare in the Early Neolithic 11. Violence and War in Prehistory

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