My Lai : a brief history with documents


My Lai : a brief history with documents

James S. Olson and Randy Roberts

(The Bedford series in history and culture)

Bedford Books, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 207-209) and index



This volume introduces students to a controversial incident of the Vietnam War - the My Lai massacre when almost 400 Vietnamese civilians were killed in four hours. It discusses the ramifications of the cover-up, and the ensuing investigations for the American public, policy makers, the anti-War movement, and the soldiers involved. The book examines the causes of the massacre and the issues of culpability and human rights. The narrative is built around 70 primary documents drawn mainly from testimony and reports from the governmet enquiry into the outrage.


  • Foreword Preface INTRODUCTION: Background to the Vietnam War and events leading up to My Lai DOCUMENTS: GENERAL
  • AND THE TESTIMONY AND RESPONSES The Official Story (3 documents) The Official Rules of Modern Warfare (5 documents) Experience of War - December 1967 to March 14 1968 (4 documents) The Briefings - March 15 1968 The Assault on My Lai The Cover-up Exposure and Investigation Culpability APPENDICES Questions for Consideration Suggested Reading List Glossary Index

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