The rose and the clematis as good companions


    • Howells, John


The rose and the clematis as good companions

John Howells ; photographs by the author ; flower arrangements by Ola Howells

Garden Art Press, c1996

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Includes index



In this attractive and informative book, the author, who is also a past Chairman of the British Clematis Society, introduces his readers to the idea of growing the rose and the clematis together so that the beauty of one plant may enhance and be enhanced by that of the other. He points out that the climbing rose is the natural companion or partner of the clematis and when the two are grown together, the overall effect can be dramatic. To help his readers achieve the desired effect, the author sets out, with the aid of clear step-by-step illustrated instructions, the precise course of action to be followed. Written in plain, straightforward language, the author covers every possible aspect of the subject. As well as details of classification, in which he suggests the best plants for the job, he provides important seasonal growing information including autumn and spring pruning techniques, planting details and invaluable advice on the use of colour. The vexed question of diseases and pests is also dealt with at length. This is a useful and instructive title, written by an author with a deep knowledge and love of his subject. He sets out to show what can be achieved and his own beautiful colour photographs, which feature so prominently throughout this book, should inspire readers to apply what they have seen here as being also possible in their own gardens, with equally rewarding results.

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