Decolonisation and criticism : the construction of Irish literature


Decolonisation and criticism : the construction of Irish literature

Gerry Smyth

(Contemporary Irish studies)

Pluto Press, 1998

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This book investigates the role of literary criticism in the process of Irish decolonisation since the late eighteenth century, with special emphasis on the 1950s. Drawing on the work of both Irish and international commentators - including Edward Said, David Lloyd, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Luke Gibbons - Gerry Smyth seeks to reconfigure the established relations between literature and criticism. Smyth then sets his analysis against a modular theory of decolonisation based on a reading of Irish history from the perspective of contemporary postcolonial and post-structural theory. Engaging with debates in a number of current fields, Decolonisation and Criticism challenges many assumptions and practices of Irish literary history.


Introduction Part 1: Decolonisation and Criticism 1. The Modes of Decolonisation Nationalism and Decolonisation Liberal and Radical Decolonisation Decolonisation and Poststructuralism Decolonisation in Ireland 2. Culture, Criticism and Decolonisation Criticism and Crisis The Institution of Criticism Decolonisation and Criticism 3. Critical Encounters Neo-Classicism and Celticism Anglo-Ireland Under Pressure Irish Politics, English Culture Challenges to Cultural Nationalism Part 2: Literary Criticism in Ireland 1948-58 4. Criticism in the Thin Society 5. The Periodical The Moment of Kavanagh's Weekly Variations on the Bell The Professionals Affiliated Periodicals 6. The Scope of Literary Criticism A Note on Censorship -The University - Anthologies 7. The Book The Life and Culture in Ireland Series -Truth and Method -An Irish Tradition? Notes Bibliography Index

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