American criminal justice : an introduction


American criminal justice : an introduction

Clemens Bartollas, Michael Braswell

Anderson Pub. Co., c1997

2nd ed

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 5



Previous ed. by Clemens Bartollas with Loras A. Jaeger

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



American Criminal Courts, Second Edition is unique among texts for introductury courts courses in its providing a framework for students and instructors to understand courts. The author presents three central themes in the first chapter, which are then built upon and connected in each succeeding chapters. Students do not just learn from this book by reading. A unique collection of original web-based cases (free to instructors and their students), given students an opportunity to participate as courtroom actors and to engage in court processes and procedures. Students learn, both by reading and doing from the unique print/digital package of materials. Students can complete exercises and send them digitally to their instructors to demonstrate their mastery of criminal court processes and principles.

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