Levels of socio-economic development theory


Levels of socio-economic development theory

David Jaffee

Praeger, 1998

2nd ed

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  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [205]-219) and index



Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and social scientists interested in a wide-ranging but concise review of contemporary theories of social and economic development will find this second edition invaluable. The coverage spans the disciplines of sociology, psychology, economics, political science, political economy, geography, and management. The theories are organized by level of analysis-individual, organizational, societal, and international-to provide the reader with a larger organizational scheme in which to understand the theoretical explanations and arguments and to emphasize the importance of developing linkages among the different levels. Some of the new topics discussed include: globalization, transnational organizational structures, debt, the transition from socialism to capitalism and human development.


Preface to the First Edition Preface to the Second Edition Introduction: The Meaning of Development and the Levels of Theory Individual-Level Theories of Socio-Economic Development Organizations and Development Societal-Level Explanations I: Structural Modernization and Economic Growth Models Societal-Level Explanations II: Comparative Socio-Economic Systems and Strategies The International System and the World Economy Conclusion Bibliography Index

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