State-level databook on health care access and financing


    • Liska, David
    • Brennan, Niall J.
    • Bruen, Brian K.


State-level databook on health care access and financing

David W. Liska, Niall J. Brennan, Brian K. Bruen

Urban Institute Press, 1998

3rd ed

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Second ed. published by Colin Winterbottom, David W. Liska, Karen M. Obermaier



As the debate over the health care crisis continues, state policymakers can turn once again to the Databook for an up-to-date, comprehensive picture of the health system at the state level. The third edition of this invaluable sourcebook provides data on the insurance coverage of different groups; the characteristics of the uninsured; Medicaid enrollees and expenditures; health status; health care costs, access, and utilization; and state-specific demographics and economic profiles. It also reports totals for the United States and averages for the nine Census regions. Each section has a short introduction discussing the measures included and highlighting particularly significant results.

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