Studies in early Christian liturgy and its context


Studies in early Christian liturgy and its context

Gabriele Winkler

(Variorum collected studies series, CS593)

Ashgate, 1997

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The history of the Eastern liturgical rituals reveals the variety and splendour of the world of the Christian Orient, and the profundity of its theological thought. The ritual bears witness to the deep impact these liturgies made on the Mediterranean cultures and societies of Late Antiquity. Gabriele Winkler, a specialist in Oriental liturgies and Armenian studies, here explores the beginnings and early development of these rituals in their historical, philological, and doctrinal context. Her work elucidates the interdependence of the Syriac, Greek, and Armenian cultures; it also demonstrates the interest of this material for the religious and political history of the era.


  • Contents: THE SIGNIFICANCE OF GREEK, SYRIAC, AND ARMENIAN LITURGICAL TERMINOLOGY. I, The Original Meaning of the Prebaptismal Anointing and its Implications
  • II, Ein bedeutsamer Zusammenhang zwischen der Erkenntnis und Ruhe in Mt 11, 27-29 und dem Ruhen des Geistes auf Jesus am Jordan. Eine Analyse zur Geist-Christologie in syrischen und armenischen Quellen
  • III, Ein Beitrag zum armenischen, syrischen und griechischen Sprachgebrauch bei den Aussagen A1/4ber die Inkarnation in den frA1/4hen Symbolzitaten
  • THE ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT OF LITURGICAL STRUCTURES. IV, Further Observations in Connection with the Early Form of the Epiklesis
  • V, The Armenian Night Office I: The Historical Background of the Introductory Part of Giserayin ZÂ am
  • VI, The Armenian Night Office II: The Unit of Psalmody, Canticles, and Hymns with Particular Emphasis on the Origins and Early Evolution of Armenia's Hymnography
  • THE COUNCIL OF EPHESUS AND ITS AFTERMATH IN SYRIA AND ARMENIA. VII An Obscure Chapter in Armenian Church History (428-439)
  • Additional Notes and Comments. Index.

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