Tobacco control laws : implementation and enforcement


    • Jacobson, Peter D.
    • Wasserman, Jeffrey


Tobacco control laws : implementation and enforcement

Peter D. Jacobson, Jeffrey Wasserman

Rand, 1997

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"Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation."

Includes bibliographical references (p. 195-203)



How are anti-tobacco laws implemented and enforced at the state and local levels? What role do anti-tobacco coalitions play once statewide legislation is enacted? What are the most effective legislative and regulatory strategies? Tobacco Control Laws: Implementation and Enforcement answers these questions and more. Although the results do not augur well for state-level enforcement of public health measures that are opposed by powerful and politically well-connected interests, the authors find that tobacco control legislation can be effectively implemented and enforced locally with support from the public, business establishments, and tobacco vendors. Legislation and implementation are intertwined, and understanding the barriers to enforcement will assist policymakers, legislators, and interested stakeholders in designing an effective anti-tobacco strategy.

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