Opposite sex : gay men on lesbians, lesbians on gay men


Opposite sex : gay men on lesbians, lesbians on gay men

edited by Sara Miles and Eric Rofes

New York University Press, c1998

  • : pbk.

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Blackbeard lost / Linnea Due
  • GM ISO (m)other : a gay boy in the world of lesbian personals / Francisco J. Gonzalez
  • Passage / Sandra Lee Golvin / The ick factor : flesh, fluids, and cross-gender revulsion / Eric Rofes
  • In goldilocks' footsteps : exploring the discursive construction of gay masculinity in bear magazines / Elizabeth A. Kelly and Kate Kane / The butch/femme dance : two-stepping along the gender line / Lawrence Schimel
  • Another place to breathe / Jewelle Gomez, Amber Hollibaugh, and Gayle Rubin
  • Slips / Robert Bedoya, with Kaucylia Brooke and Monica Majoli
  • Getting it up for politics : gay male sexuality and radical lesbian feminism / Robert Jensen
  • Through the looking glass : a Folsom street story / Mimi McGurl and Richard Schimpf
  • Recognizing the real : labor and the economy of banjee desire / Lawrence Chua
  • Crossing over / Linnea Due
  • If two men are having lesbian sex together ... / Roberto Bedoya, Robert Reid-Pharr, and Eric Rofes
  • Los Angeles at night / Susan Stryker



The past decade has seen an extraordinary outpouring of research, writing, and talk about lesbian and gay sexuality, triggered in part by the confluence of the AIDS epidemic, the feminist sex wars, and the development of queer studies. Yet many lesbian and gay writers and readers have been frustrated by recurring gaps and absences in the queer studies approach to sexuality, as well as by the limitations of explicit queer community discourse around sex. Opposite Sex brings the sex back into queer studies, making real bodies, acts, and desires central to analysis of the complex relationships between male and female homosexualities, and their impact on lesbian and gay culture. The contributors to this volume-scholars, artists, activists, and journalists-redress the remarkable dearth of thoughtful discourse about the many ways in which lesbian and gay men are implicated-and viewed within-in each other's sexual realities. Opposite Sex includes writing by lesbians and gay men about each other's bodies, interpretations of different male and female homosexual sex cultures, and reflections on the history, sociology, and politics of changing discourses around queer sexuality. Passionate and challenging, this anthology shows the rich and complex forms through which individuals and communities make meaning from their quotidian sexual impulses, their utopian sexual mores, and their idiosyncratic sexual acts. Contributors: Roberto Bedoya, Kaucylia Brooke, Lawrence Chua, Linnea Due, Sandra Lee Golvin, Jewelle Gomez, Francisco J. Gonzalez, Della Grace, Amber Hollibaugh, Robert Jensen, Kate Kane, Elizabeth A. Kelly, Monica Majoli, Mimi McGurl, Robert Reid-Pharr, Gayle Rubin, Lawrence Schimel, Richard Schimpf, and Susan Stryker.

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