Lithics : macroscopic approaches to analysis


Lithics : macroscopic approaches to analysis

William Andrefsky, Jr

(Cambridge manuals in archaeology)

Cambridge University Press, 1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 235-255) and index



This book is the first comprehensive manual on stone artifact analysis, with detailed examples of how to measure, record and analyse stone tools and stone tool production debris. Logically ordered, clearly written and well illustrated, it is designed for students and professional archaeologists. The first section provides the necessary background information, introducing the reader to lithic raw materials, and the classification of stone artifacts, basic terminology and concepts. It goes on to discuss various methods and techniques of analysis. The final section presents detailed case studies of lithic analysis from different parts of the world, illustrating the actual application of the techniques and methods discussed earlier.


  • 1. A brief introduction to lithic analysis
  • 2. Basics of stone tool production
  • 3. Lithic raw materials
  • 4. Getting started in lithic analysis: identification and classification
  • 5. Flake debitage attributes
  • 6. Approaches to debitage analysis
  • 7. Approaches to stone tool analysis
  • 8. Artifact diversity and site function
  • 9. Lithic analysis and prehistoric sedentism. 10. Conclusion.

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