Kollhoff : examples, esempi, Beispiele : Architekten Kollhoff und Timmermann


Kollhoff : examples, esempi, Beispiele : Architekten Kollhoff und Timmermann

Annegret Burg ; [translation from German, Chris Charlesworth ; traduzione dal tedesco, Chiara Wolter]

Birkhäuser Verlag, c1998

  • : Basel
  • : Boston

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 8



Includes bibliographical references



The most important buildings from the 1990s exemplify the architecture of Hans Kollhoff in this book. His work is counted among the most sophisticated bodies of architecture currently created. The projects are characterized by an insistance on a level of craftmanship and quality that is often considered unfeasable when measured against contemporary construction techniques. Grounded in theory, Kollhoff defends the architectural and urban conventions of the European city and argues for specifying high-quality materials and carefully crafted details. He considers the science of planning and building-up of an architectural structure, as the basic principle of an architecture that exhausts itself neither programmatically nor stylistically. Kollhoff's international reputation is based on his unconventional housing projects: such as the KNSM Island block in Amsterdam that was designed within the framework of Jo Coenen's master plan; and on his projects: such as the winning competition design for Berlin Alexander-platz, which will determine the future of this prominent location and has led to very controversial discussions.

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