Public reactions to nuclear waste : citizens' views of repository siting


    • Dunlap, Riley E.
    • Kraft, Michael E.
    • Rosa, Eugene A.


Public reactions to nuclear waste : citizens' views of repository siting

edited by Riley E. Dunlap, Michael E. Kraft and Eugene A. Rosa

Duke University Press, 1993

  • pbk. : acid-free paper

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Nuclear waste is going nowhere, and neither is the debate over its disposal. The problem, growing every day, has proven intractable, with policymakers on one side, armed with daunting technical data, and the public on the other, declaring: not in my backyard. This timely volume offers a look past our present impasse into the nature and roots of public viewpoints on nuclear waste disposal. A much-needed supplement to the largely technical literature on this problem, the book provides extensive studies of the reaction of citizens--whether rural or urban, near-site residents or prospective visitors--to proposed nuclear waste sites around the nation, particularly Nevada's Yucca Mountain. Conducted by distinguished sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, and economists, these studies constitute the most comprehensive account available of the impact of public perceptions and opinions on the nuclear waste policy process in the United States. As such, the collection will clarify the politics of nuclear waste siting and will give impetus to the stalled debate over the issue. Contributors. Rodney K. Baxter, Julia G. Brody, Bruce Clary, Lori Cramer, William H. Desvousges, Riley E. Dunlap, Douglas Easterling, Judy K. Fleishman, James Flynn, William R. Freudenburg, Michael E. Kraft, Richard S. Krannich, Howard Kunreuther, Mark Layman, Ronald L. Little, Robert Cameron Mitchell, Alvin H. Mushkatel, Joanne M. Nigg, K. David Pijawka, Eugene A. Rosa, Paul Slovic


List of Figures and Tables Preface / Riley E. Dunlap, Michael E. Kraft, and Eugene A. Rosa Part I The Context of Public Concern with Nuclear Waste 1. Public Opinion and Nuclear Waste Policymaking / Michael E. Kraft, Eugene A. Rosa, and Riley E. Dunlap 2. The Historical Development of Public Reactions to Nuclear Power: Implications for Nuclear Waste Policy / Eugene A. Rosa and William R. Freudenburg 3. Perceived Risk, Trust, and Nuclear Waste: Lessons from Yucca Mountain / Paul Slovic, Mark Layman, and James H. Flynn Part II Public Reactions to Preliminary Sites 4. Public Testimony in Nuclear Waste Repository Hearings: A Content Analysis / Michael E. Kraft and Bruce B. Clary 5. Sources of Public Concern About Nuclear Waste Disposal in Texas Agricultural Communities / Julia G. Brody and Judy K. Fleishman 6. Local Attitudes Toward Siting a High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository at Hanford, Washington / Riley E. Dunlap, Eugene A. Rosa, Rodney K. Baxter, and Robert Cameron Mitchell Part III Public Reactions to the Yucca Mountain, Nevada Site 7. Perceived Risk and Attitudes Toward Nuclear Wastes: National and Nevada Perspectives / William H. Desvousges, Howard Kunreuther, Paul Slovic, and Eugene A. Rosa 8. The Vulnerability of the Convention Industry to the Siting of a High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository / Douglas Easterling and Howard Kunreuther 9. Nevada Urban Residents' Attitudes Toward a Nuclear Waste Repository / Alvin H. Mushkatel, Joanne M. Nigg, and K. David Pijawka 10. Rural Community Residents' Views of Nuclear Waste Repository Siting in Nevada / Richard S. Krannich, Ronald L. Little, and Lori A. Cramer Part IV Summary and Policy Implications 11. Prospects for Public Acceptance of a High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository in the United States: Summary and Implications / Eugene A. Rosa, Riley E. Dunlap, and Michael E. Kraft Index Contributors

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