Roman Britain


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Roman Britain

by Peter Salway

Oxford University Press, 1998

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Originally published: Oxford : Clarendon, 1981

"Reissued in new covers 1998"--T.p. verso

Includes index

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Reissued in new covers, this is the first volume in the "Oxford History of England". It draws on literary sources and advances in archaeology, charting life in Roman Britain from the first Roman invasion under Julius Caesar to the final collapse of the Roman Empire in the west. It examines question such as: how much did the Britons adopt the Roman way of life during their long history as Roman provincials?; was Britain an integral part of the Roman Empire?; and what was its own distictive character?

Table of Contents

  • PART ONE (The First Roman Contacts). 1: The British Background. 2: The Expeditions of Caesar. 3: From Caesar to Claudius. PART TWO (The Roman Conquest). 4: The Claudian Invasion. 5 - Resistance and Revolt: . 6: Recovery and Advance. 7: Hadrianic Britain. 8: The Antonines. PART THREE (Imperial Crisis and Recovery). 9: Civil War and its Aftermath. 10: From Caracalla to Diocletian. 11: The Tetrarchy. 12: Constantine the Great. 13: The Middle of the Fourth Century. 14: The Restoration of Order. PART FOUR (Roman Britain and the Fifth Century World). 15: The Collapse of Imperial Rule. 16: Britain, the End of the Western Empire, and the Successor States. PART FIVE (Britain under Roman Rule). 17: The Assimilation of Britain. 18: The Historical Geography of Roman Britain. 19: Town and Country. 20: The Economy. 21: Religion and Society. Appendices
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