Gender equality and occupational segregation in Nordic labour markets


Gender equality and occupational segregation in Nordic labour markets

Helinä Melkas and Richard Anker

International Labour Office, c1998

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Nordic countries are known for progressive gender policies and many consider them a test laboratory for gender equality. This book analyzes the reality of women's position in Nordic labour markets, based on detailed data for Finland, Norway and Sweden. The first part of the book discusses the Nordic model which is based on employment for all citizens, a weak breadwinner role for men and provision of extensive social services by the state, partly to enable individuals to better combine work and family responsibilities. The second part analyzes women's labour market position and how it has changed in the last two decades of the 20th century. Compared to women in other industrialized countries, Nordic women comprise a higher percentage of the labour force, their pay is closer to that of men and there has been progress towards equality. However, as indicated by the information in this book, there are distinctly separate female and male labour markets in Nordic countries.


  • Part 1 Description of occupational segregation and labour market differentials by sex: impact of occupational segregation
  • "the Nordic model"
  • statistical comparisons on women's status
  • literature review of occupational segregation
  • Nordic policies to enhance gender equality
  • legal framework and national machinery. Part 2 Statistical analysis of occupational segregation by sex in Nordic labour markets: patterns in the Nordic labour markets in 1990
  • women's share in the labour market
  • indices of inequality
  • gender-dominated occupations
  • largest "female" occupations
  • typical "female" and "male" occupations
  • effect of occupational structure on segregation in 1990
  • monetization of household work and provision of public services
  • women and men in higher and lower status occupations.

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