Portfolios across the curriculum and beyond


Portfolios across the curriculum and beyond

Donna J. Cole, Charles W. Ryan, Fran Kick

Corwin Press, c1995

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This innovative book describes the implementation of student portfolios, an alternative method of evaluation in current United States teaching practice. The method requires students to: select samples of work to represent their achievements in a particular subject over an entire semester; discuss their reasons for selecting those pieces; and describe how they feel about their progress. The authors provide practical advice for teachers wishing to adopt or enhance this form of student evaluation.


The Road to Authentic Assessment and Portfolios Implementation Strategies for Portfolios Using Portfolios in the Classroom The Professional Educator's Portfolio Technology and Portfolios in the Future - Bonnie K Mathies Resource A: Issues in Portfolio Development Resource B: Portfolio Conference Report Resource C: Portfolio Conference Summary Resource D: Computer Software Resources

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