Recovery mechanisms in database systems


    • Kumar, Vijay
    • Hsu, Meichun


Recovery mechanisms in database systems

Vijay Kumar and Meichun Hsu, editors

Prentice Hall PTR, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The first complete guide to todays business-critical database recovery technologies. This is the first book to bring together all you need to know about database recovery(both theory and practice. It covers not just recovery mechanisms in todays relational databases, but also the critically important new techniques for main memory databases, mobile computing, and enterprise workflow systems. Recovery Mechanisms in Database Systems includes contributions from virtually all of the fields leading computer scientists, with insightful coverage of: The intricate relationship between recovery and concurrency control Redo recovery, multilevel recovery, and ARIES-type recovery mechanisms, Crash recovery in client/server systems Hardware solutions, including RAID5, disk array striping, and Safe RAM. Database architects and designers will find invaluable technical guidance here. The book compares four major recovery algorithms for centralized DBMSs, presents stochastic models for analyzing database recovery control performance, and shows how to model buffer coherency and dirty page propagation policies. It covers virtually every approach to recovery, including compensating transactions, neste


1. IMS/360 and IMS/VS Recovery: Historical Recollections, Ron Obermarck. 2. Introduction to Database Recovery, Meichun Hsu and Vijay Kumar. 3. Principles of Transaction-Oriented Database Recovery, Theo Haerder and Andreas Reuter. 4. Recovery-Enhanced Reliability, Dependability and Performability, Abdelsalam Heddya, Abdelsalam Helal and Ahmed Elmagarmid. 5. The Impact of Recovery on Concurrency Control, Bill Weihl. 6. Redo Recovery after System Crashes, D. Lomet and M. Tuttle. 7. MLR: A Recovery Method for Multi-Level Systems, D. Lomet. 8. ARIES: A Transaction Recovery Method Supporting Fine-Granularity. Locking and Partial Rollbacks Using Write-Ahead Logging, C. Mohan, Don Haderle, Bruce Lindsay, Hamid Pirahesh and Peter Schwarz. 9. Performance of Recovery Mechanisms in Centralized Database Systems, Vijay Kumar and Shawn Moe. 10. Stochastic Models for Performance Analysis of Database Recovery Control, Paulo Goes and Ushio Sumita. 11. Analytic Modeling and Comparisons of Buffer Coherency and Dirty page Progagation Policies under Different Recovery Complexities, Asit Dan and Philip Yu. 12. Recovery Analysis of Data Sharing Systems Under Deferred Dirty Page Propagation Policies, Asit Dan, Philip S. Yu, and Anant Jhingran. 13. Recovery and Performance of Atomic Commit Processing in Distributed Database Systems, P. K. Chrysanthis, G. Samaras and Y. J. Al-Houmaily. 14. Crash Recovery in Client-Server EXODUS, Michael Franklin, Michael Zwilling, C.K. Tan, Michael Carey and D. DeWitt. 15. A Formal Approach to Recovery by Compensating Transactions, H. Korth, E. Levy, and A. Silberschatz. 16. Coordinating Multi-Trasnaction Activities with Nested Sagas, Hector-Garcia Molina, Deiter Gawlick, Johannes Klein, Charly Kleissner, and Kenneth Salem. 17. Recovery Options in Directory Based Software Coherency Schemes, Lorey D. Molesky and Krithi Ramamritham. 18. Objectflow and Recovery in Workflow Systems, Meichun Hsu and Charley Kliessner. 19. The Case for Safe RAM, George Copeland, Tom Keller, Ravi Krishnamurthy and Mark Smith. 20. Recovering from Main-Memory Lapse, Jagadish, H., A. Silberschatz, and S. Sudarshan. 21. Fuzzy Checkpointing Alternatives for Main Memory Databases, Maggie Dunham, Jun-Lin Lin, and Xi Li. 22. Performance of Main Memory Recovery Algorithms, Vijay Kumar and Albert Burger. 23. Recoverable Mobile Environment: Design and Trade-off Analysis, P. Krishna, Nitin H. Vaidya, and Dhiraj K. Pradhan. 24. Fault-Tolerance and Recovery in Mobile Computing Systems, E.Bertino, E.Pagani, and G.P.Rossi. 25. Advanced Recovery Techniques in Practice, D. Lomet. 26. Logging and Recovery in Commercial Systems, Ron Obermarck. 27. The Recovery Manager of the System R Database Manager, Jim Gray, Paul McJones, Mike Blasgen, Bruce Lindsey, Raymond Lorie, Tom Price, Franco Putzolu, and Irving Traiger. 28. Implementing Crash Recovery in QuickStore: A Performance Study, Seth J. White and David J. DeWitt. 29. Disk Array Stripping, Peter M. Chen and Edward E. Lee. 30. RAID5 Disk Arrays and Their Performance Evaluation, Alex Thomasian. 31. A Performance Comparison of RAID-5 and Log-Structured Arrays, Jai Menon. Selected Biographies. Index.

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