Respiratory care pharmacology


Respiratory care pharmacology

Joseph L. Rau, Jr

Mosby, c1998

5th ed

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This fifth edition expands the content and comprehensive scope of respiratory care pharmacology. Providing information essential for a working knowledge of respiratory care drugs, the new edition also offers coverage of the principles of pharmacokinetics and disease-based pharmacologic therapy. This edition is split into three sections. The first section covers the basics of respiratory care pharmacology, including the principles of drug action, the basic methods of drug administration, the standard drug calculations, and the effects of drugs on body systems. The second section covers the drugs most frequently delivered to patients by respiratory therapists, and the third section covers the drugs used to treat critical care and cardiovascular patients.


Unit One: Basic Concepts and Principles in Pharmacology. Introduction to Respiratory Care Pharmacology. Principles of Drug Action. Administration of Aerosolized Agents. Drug Calculations. The Central and Peripheral Nervous System. Unit Two: Drugs Used to Treat the Respiratory System. Sympathomimetic (Adrenergic) Bronchodilators. Parasympatholytic (Anticholinergic) Bronchodilators. Xanthines. Mucus-Controlling Agents. Surfactant Agents. Corticosteroids in Respiratory Care. Mediator Antagonists. Aerosolized Anti-Infective Agents. Anti-Infective Agents. Cold and Cough Agents. Selected Drugs for Respiratory Diseases. Pediatric Respiratory Care Pharmacology. Unit Three: Critical Care and Cardiovascular Drug Classes. Neuromuscular Blocking Agents. Cardiac Drugs. Circulatory Drugs. Diuretics. Central Nervous System Agents. Appendix A: Answers. Appendix B: Units and Systems of Measurement. Appendix C: Use of Aerosol Devices. Appendix D: Pharmacologic Management of COPD & Asthma. Appendix E: Drug Induced Lung Injury.

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