Middle grades social studies : teaching and learning for active and responsible citizenship


    • Allen, Michael G.
    • Stevens, Robert L.


Middle grades social studies : teaching and learning for active and responsible citizenship

Michael G. Allen, Robert L. Stevens

Allyn and Bacon, c1998

2nd ed

  • pbk.

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The second edition of the succinct Middle Grades Social Studies has been revised and updated to meet the ever-changing needs of the social studies curriculum. Once again geared towards preparing students for active and rewarding roles as citizens, the text strengthens its approach by incorporating the NCSS standards and addressing the issue of teacher involvement in a student's personal development. Finally, lesson plan ideas for various classroom situations make this text a valuable resource for pre-service and in-service teachers alike.


Most chapters include "Food for Thought before Moving On" and all chapters close with "References."Preface. I.THEORY. 1.Reviewing the Past, Assessing the Present, Looking to the Future. Current Realities.Conclusions and Recommendations.The Middle School Connection: Questions to Ponder.2.The Nature of Social Studies. The Four Social Studies Traditions.Social Studies: A Definition.Knowledge.Skills Necessary to Process Information.Values and Beliefs.Social Studies and the Teaching of Values.Social Participation.The Middle-Level Connection: Questions to Ponder.3.Early Adolescence: A Time of Change and Transition. Conceptual Necessities.The Social Studies Connection: Questions to Ponder.II.PRACTICE. 4.Social Studies Curriculum. Social Studies Curriculum Efforts.Social Studies Curriculum Standards.Write a Local History.Write Your Family History.National Geography Standards.Community Involvement.The Middle-Level Connection: Questions to Ponder.5.Instruction in Social Studies. Some Questions.Activities.Using Student Centered Activities.Protect That Source: A Mock Trial.Adopting a Global Perspective.Whose View of the World? Maps and Their Uses.6.Critical Thinking Activities. Activities Format.Lesson Plan.Rivers.Oil: Implications for Global Interdependence.Write a History Essay.Integrating Social Studies and Literature.Produce a News Magazine.Gravestones Teach Local History.Reading the Newspaper.Author Index. Subject Index.

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