A short history of Finland


A short history of Finland

Fred Singleton

Cambridge University Press, 1998

2nd ed. / revised and updated by A.F. Upton

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Previous ed.: 1989

Includes bibliographical references (p. 185-197) and index



This is a second edition of the most successful study of Finland in the English language. It presents the reader - whether tourist, student, specialist, or business person - with a readable and authoritative introduction to the Finns and the present position of their country in the modern world. A Short History of Finland traces the historical development of the country from its settlement by the Finns in the first millennium AD to the present time, exploring Finland's earlier connection with Sweden, the complex relationship with Russia which has dominated Finnish history in the last two centuries, and the post-war achievements of the second republic. This second edition has been revised and updated by Emeritus Professor A. F. Upton, a leading scholar of Scandinavian history, and discusses the impact of the break-up of the Soviet Union and brings events up to Finland's admission to the European Union in 1995.


  • 1. History of Finland
  • 2. Finland and Sweden
  • 3. Finland, Sweden and Russia in the eighteenth century
  • 4. The Finnish national awakening
  • 5. The Finnish economy in the nineteenth century
  • 6. The political development of Finland, 1863-1917
  • 7. Independent Finland
  • 8. Finland in the Second World War
  • 9. Finland in the post-war world: the political situation
  • 10. The economy of Finland in the twentieth century
  • 11. The spirit of Finland
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography.

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