A history of Roman Britain


A history of Roman Britain

Peter Salway

(Oxford paperbacks)

Oxford University Press, 1997


Oxford illustrated history of Roman Britain

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Originally published: The Oxford illustrated history of Roman Britain. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1993. With minor corrections and amendments

Includes bibliographical references (p. [551]-562) and index



From the invasions of Julius Caesar to the unexpected end of Roman rule in the early fifth century AD and the subsequent collapse of society in Britain, this book is the most authoritative and comprehensive account of Roman Britain ever published for the general reader. Peter Salway's narrative takes into account the latest research, including exciting discoveries of recent years, and will be welcomed by anyone interested in Roman Britain. `One could not ask for a more meticulous or scholarly assessment of what Britain meant to the Romans, or Rome to Britons, than Peter Salway's monumental study.' Frederic Raphael, Sunday Times `expertly written ...and full of enlightenment' Piers Brendon, Independent `superbly readable ...splendid witness to the vivacity and accessibility of the latest work on this exciting period.' Sunday Telegraph `There will be new discoveries; but this is a book that will surely stand the test of time.'


I: The First Roman Contacts. II: The Roman Conquest. III: Imperial Crisis and Recovery. IV: The End of Roman Britain. V: Britain Under Roman Rule. Further Reading. List of Roman Emperors. Index

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