Future multilateralism : the political and social framework


Future multilateralism : the political and social framework

edited by Michael G. Schechter

(International political economy series)

St. Martin's Press , United Nations University Press , Macmillan Press, 1999

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The aim of this volume is to discuss the kinds of multilateralism that would be required to pursue some of the alternative projects of society, namely those which agree with some of the key normative commitments of the MUNS programme: non-violent means for dealing with conflict; social equity; protection of the biosphere; diffusion of power among social groups and societies. The strategies identified here are both 'top-down', ie: relying on conventional international institutions and 'bottom-up', ie: involving a new multilateralism grounded in civil society.


  • Preface List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Notes on the Contributors Editor's Introduction
  • M-G. Schechter PART I: SECURITY ISSUES From Civil War to Civil Peace: Multi-track Solutions to Armed Conflict
  • K. Rupesinghe Multilateral Security: Common, Cooperative or Collective?
  • R. V ynen PART II: ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY Back to Heterodox Questions: Progress with Regress Through Competition
  • J. Igui Echeverria A Signal Failure: Ecology and Economy After the Earth Summit
  • P. Harries-Jones, A. Rotstein and P. Timmerman Environmental Rights: Multilateralism, Morality and the Ecology
  • T. Hyder PART III: HUMAN RIGHTS AND PARTICIPATION The Quest for Human Rights in an Era of Globalization
  • R. Falk Globalization, Multilateralism and the Shrinking Democratic Space
  • C. Ake High-Speed Growth, Crisis, and Opportunity in East Asia
  • W. Bello PART IV: REPRESENTATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY Engineering Space in Global Governance: The Emergence of Civil Society in Evolving 'New' Multilateralism
  • W. Knight Multilateralism From Below: A Prerequisite for Global Governance
  • M. Smouts Index

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