Social psychology across cultures


Social psychology across cultures

Peter B. Smith, Michael Harris Bond

Prentice Hall, 1998

2nd ed.

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The second edition of this informative text still remains dedicated to the study of social pyschology from a cross-cultural perspective, but it has been revised and expanded to make it more accessible for advanced courses in cross-cultural social psychology, as well as supplementing first year introductory social psychology courses. Subjects which are new or have been expanded are organizational behaviour, indigenous psychologies and contributions, cross-cultural contact, personality, health and migration. Starting with the well-known classic studies, they show how the validity of empirical findings can be usefully extended, and they draw from a wide range of theories and research reported by social psychologists in many countries from around the world.


Preface Introduction Some First Steps in Extending the Database Culture: The Neglected Concept The Search for Universals of Social Behaviour Social Cognition Communication and Interpersonal Relations Inter-group Relations Organizational Behaviour Indigenous Psychologies The Characteristics of Cross-Cultural Interaction The Consequences of Cross-Cultural Contact Discerning the Future

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