The Aston study and its developments


The Aston study and its developments

edited by Derek S. Pugh

(Classic research in management / general editor, Derek S. Pugh, . The Aston programme ; v. 1)

Ashgate : Dartmouth, c1998

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Focusing on "The Aston Programme", the essays in this comprehensive three-volume set examine the programmes development, provide international comparisons, and offer extensions and critiques.


  • Volume 1 The Aston study and its developments: a conceptual scheme for organizational analysis
  • the first Aston study
  • an approach to the study of bureaucracy
  • dimensions of organization structure
  • the context of organization structures
  • an empirical taxonomy of structures of work organizations
  • operations technology and organization structure - an empirical reappraisal
  • organization structure and strategies of control - a replication of the Aston study
  • organization structure, environment and performance - the role of strategic choice
  • technology size and organization structure
  • predicting and understanding organization structure
  • Parkinson's progress - accounting for the number of specialists in organizations
  • managerial and organizational factors associated with company performance - 1
  • managerial and organizational factors associated with company performance - 2
  • organization context and structure - an abbreviated replication
  • dimensions of organizational structure and their context - a replication
  • on the dimensions of bureaucratic structure - an empirical reappraisal
  • dimensions of organization technology and structure - an exploratory study
  • a longitudinal analysis of context and structure of a large British financial institution
  • organization structure and technology in manufacturing firms - system versus work flow level perspectives
  • structural implications of organizational dependencies
  • dimensions of organizational structure - a critical replication
  • research note -organization size and specialization
  • towards an organizational study of trade unions
  • bureaucratic and electoral control in occupational interest associations
  • structure of organization in occupational interest associations
  • the organization structure of churches - a preliminary model
  • size and the administrative component of churches
  • churches as organizations - structure and context
  • dimensions of organizations in complex societies - the educational sector
  • contingency theories and public bureaucracies. Volume 2 International comparisons: the culture-free context of organization structure
  • is there a universal model of organization structure
  • a comparison of organization structure and managerial roles - Ohio, USA and the Midlands, England
  • the structure of work organizations across societies
  • the cultural context of organizational control - an international comparison
  • grounds for comparative organization theory - quicksand or hardcore
  • organization and managerial roles in British and West German companies - an examination of the culture-free thesis
  • centrally planned development - a comparison of Polish factories with equivalents in Britain, Japan and Sweden
  • technology, size and organization structure in a developing country - Jordan
  • organization structure and context - a replication of the Aston study in India
  • strategies of administrative control and contextual constraints in a less developed country - the case of Egyptian public enterprise. (Part contents).

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