Life span nutrition : conception through life


    • Rolfes, Sharon Rady
    • DeBryune, Linda K.
    • Whitney, Eleanor Noss


Life span nutrition : conception through life

Sharon Rady Rolfes, Linda Kelly DeBruyne, Eleanor Noss Whitney

West/Wadsworth, c1998

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Concerned with nutrition through the different stages of life, this text includes coverage of nutrition during pregnancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood and considers such issues as the menstrual cycle, eating disorders and drugs and alcohol.


Nutrition Overview. Prelude to Pregnancy. Nutrition During Pregnancy. An Overview of Inheritance and Conception. Medical Disorders During Pregnancy. High-Risk Pregnancies. Focal Point: Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Breast Milk, Formula, and Lactation. How to Feed Infants. Nutrition During Infancy. Nutrition for High-Risk Infants. Iron Deficiency and Behavior. Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Nutrition During Childhood. Lead Toxicity. Nutrition Care of Sick Infants and Children. Developing Healthy Habits. Nutrition During Adolescence. Eating Disorders. The Menstrual Cycle. Nutrition During Early Adulthood. Focal Point: Nutrition and Conception. Nutrition During Middle Adulthood. Alcohol and Nutrition. Nutrition During Late Adulthood. Nutrient-Drug Interactions.

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