Entrepreneurship : strategies and resources


Entrepreneurship : strategies and resources

Marc J. Dollinger

Prentice Hall, c1999

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



New to Prentice Hall, this upper-level Entrepreneurship text is perfect for the MBA or Executive MBA market. Brief, paperback, the text frames the theories and applications of entrepreneurship within a resource-based theory focus. The new edition is designed to be more user-friendly, with increased pedagogy, (such as the Street Stories mini-cases.)


1. A Framework for Entrepreneurship. 2. Resources and Capabilities. 3. The Environment for Entrepreneurship. 4. Entrepreneurial Strategies. 5. The Business Plan. 6. Marketing the New Venture. 7. Foundations of New Venture Finance. 8. Securing Investors and Structuring the Deal. 9. Creating the Organization. 10. Corporate Venturing, Networking, and Franchising. INTEGRATIVE CASES: 1. Prolingua. 2. Fumero Artfabrics, Inc. 3. e-station. 4. TV Answer: An Interactive Video Data Service. 5. Blitz. 6. Bright Ideas. 7. Rubios: Home of the Fish Taco. 8. Suzys Zoo. 9. Potatoquick! 10. Windsor Industries, Inc.

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