China and the Asian seas : trade, travel, and visions of the other (1400-1750)


China and the Asian seas : trade, travel, and visions of the other (1400-1750)

Roderich Ptak

(Variorum collected studies series, CS638)

Ashgate, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references and index



China's seaborne trade in the early modern period consisted of three sectors - government trade, tribute trade and private trade. The first two were particularly active in the early 15th century, whereas private sea trade, both legal and illegal, was more dominant in later periods. The articles in the first part of this book mainly feature the early 15th century. They discuss structural issues and also deal with Cheng Ho's voyages into the Indian Ocean and the later accounts of this. The next part surveys the period dominated by private trade, with comparisons between the Chinese and the Portuguese trading systems. Part Three discusses views of the "other", in this case Chinese views of maritime Asia. This involves detailed investigations of ethnographic accounts and aims to show that much work hitherto taken at face value by historians, should be reinvestigated in the light of sinocentric ideas and traditional Chinese rhetoric.


  • Early Ming trade and Cheng Ho's travels: China and Portugal at sea -the early Ming system and the Estado da India compared
  • Uber Wang Ching-hungs und Hou Hsiens teilnahme an Cheng Hos expeditionen
  • China and Calicut in the early Ming period - envoys and tribute embassies
  • Hsi-yang chi - an interpretation and some comparisons with Hsi-yu chi
  • Cheng Hos Reisen in einer Erzahlung aus der spaten Ch'ing-Zeit. From the mid-Ming to the Qing: merchants and maximization - notes on Chinese and Portuguese entrepreneurship in maritime Asia, c.1350-1600
  • Sino-Japanese maritime trade, circa 1550 - merchants, ports and networks
  • piracy along the coasts of southwest India and Ming China -comparative notes on two 16th century cases
  • Sudchinas Hafen und der maritime Handel in Asien, ca. 1600-1750. Chinese visions and images of the other: glosses on Wang Dayuan's "Daoyi zhilue", 1349-50
  • images of maritime Asia in two Yuan texts - "Daoyi zhilue" and "Yiyu zhi"
  • Sulu in Ming drama
  • Yu T'ungs Lieder uber fremde Staaten - eine Auswahl
  • die Stadt Macu nach den illustrationen zum Ao-men chi-lueh - einer alten chinesischen Lokalchronik.

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