Maximizing the value of 360-degree feedback : a process for successful individual and organizational development


    • Tornow, Walter W.
    • London, Manuel
    • Center for Creative Leadership


Maximizing the value of 360-degree feedback : a process for successful individual and organizational development

Walter W. Tornow, Manuel London, and CCL Associates

(The Jossey-Bass business & management series)

Jossey-Bass : Center for Creative Leadership, c1998

1st ed


Maximizing the value of three hundred sixty degree feedback

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"A joint publication of the Jossey-Bass business & management series and the Center for Creative Leadership."

Includes bibliographical references (259-270) and index


  • Elements of effective 360-degree feedback / Stéphane Brutus, John W. Fleenor, and Manuel London
  • 360 in action : following Catharine's footsteps through a leadership development program / William W. Sternbergh
  • Best practices / Maxine A. Dalton
  • Forces that affect the 360-degree feedback process / Walter W. Tornow
  • The competitive advantage of customer involvement in 360-degree feedback / Carol A. Paradise-Tornow
  • 360-degree feedback in the establishment of learning cultures / Patricia O'Connor Wilson, Cynthia D. McCauley, and Lily Kelly-Radford
  • Designing 360-degree feedback to enhance involvement, self-determination, and commitment / Ellen Van Velsor
  • Understanding cultural influences on the 360-degree feedback process / Jean Brittain Leslie, Nur D. Gryskiewicz, and Maxine A. Dalton
  • Using 360-degree surveys to assess change / Jennifer W. Martineau



The comprehensive guide to 360-degree feedback from the Center for Creative Leadership In the network economy, growing intellectual capital is the key to increasing market value. In Maximizing, Tornow, London, and their associates demonstrate the power of 360-degree feedback for developing managers, renewing organizations, and building learning cultures. Drawing on years of experience and state-of-the-art research, the authors have crafted a highly useful and practical book which provides us with a thorough understanding of this invaluable organizational tool. --Leo Burke, director, College of Leadership and Transcultural Studies, Motorola University Despite the burgeoning popularity of 360-degree feedback for rating work performance, few people have a detailed understanding of how it can be used to enhance, even maximize, individual and organizational development. This standard-setting manual draws on the twenty-eight-year expertise the Center for Creative Leadership brings to the subject to give HR managers, consultants, and systems designers the big-picture guidance they need to determine if 360-degree feedback is right for their organization and, if so, to implement it. Readers will discover how they can use 360-degree feedback as a tool for achieving a variety of objectives such as communicating performance expectations, setting developmental goals, establishing a learning culture, and tracking the effects of organizational change. Comprehensive guidelines show how 360-degree feedback can be designed to maximize employee involvement, self-determination, and commitment. Includes case examples and a bevy of instructive instruments.


Foreward: Goerge P. Hollenbeck. MAXIMIZING THE VALUE OF 360-DEGREE FEEDBACK FOR INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT. Elements of Effective 360-Degree Feedback (S. Brutus, et al.). 360 in Action: Following Catharine's Footsteps Through a Leadership Development Program (W. Sternbergh). MAXIMIZING THE VALUE OF 360-DEGREE FEEDBACK FOR ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Best Practices: Five Rationales for Using 360-Degree Feedback Process (M. Dalton). Forces That Affect the 360-Degree Feedback Process (W. Tornow). The Competitive Advantage of Customer Involvement in 360-Degree Feedback (C. Paradise-Tornow). 360-Degree Feedback in the Establishment of Learning Cultures (P. Wilson, et al.). MAXIMIZING THE VALUE OF 360-DEGREE FEEDBACK THROUGH DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, AND MEASUREMENT. Designing 360-Degree Feedback to Enhance Involvement, Self- Determination, and Commitment (E. Van Velsor). Understanding Cultural Influences on the 360-Degree Feedback Process (J. Brittain Leslie & N. Gryskiewicz). Using 360-Degree Surveys to Assess Change (J. Martineau). Conclusion: Challenges and Implications for Maximizing 360-Degree Feedback (W. Tornow & M. London).

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