Classroom teacher's survival guide : practical strategies, management techniques, and reproducibles for new and experienced teachers


Classroom teacher's survival guide : practical strategies, management techniques, and reproducibles for new and experienced teachers

Ronald L. Partin

Center for Applied Research in Education, c1995

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For a new or experienced teacher, here is a repertoire of ready-to-use tips and strategies for solving everday problems in organizing and managing the classroom, working with students, maintaining classroom control, interacting with parents and school staff, and coping with the daily stresses of teaching. Included are proven suggestions, techniques and reproducibles to save time and handle problems in a variety of specific areas such as classroom routines, motivation, supplies, parent conferences, lesson plans, grading, conflict resolution, testing, team teaching, cooperative learning, homework and more.


About This Book. CHAPTER 1: Creating a Supportive Learning Environment. The First Day of School. First Day of School Checklist. Creating an Inviting School Climate. Humor in the Classroom. Seeking Student Feedback. Rules. Hot Tips for Managing Classroom Behavior. Potential Classroom Rewards. Corporal Punishment. The Teacher as a Skilled Helper. Handouts. CHAPTER 2: Creating Successful Lessons. Lesson Plans. Beginning a Class. Action Verbs for Writing Instructional Objectives. Hot Tips for Maintaining Interest. Cardinal Rules for Effective Visuals. Review Techniques. Closing a Lesson. Putting More Pizzazz in Your Presentations. Homework That Helps. Bulleting Boards. Assessing Student Performance. Handouts. CHAPTER 3: Alternatives to Lecturing. Hot Tips for Asking Effective Questions. Question and Answer. Brainstorming. Brainwriting. List Making. Class Discussions. Artwork. Music. Guided Imagery. Journal Keeping. Field Trips. Guest Speakers/Panels. Debates. Films and Videos. Slides. Videotaping. Dyadic Encounters. Demonstrations. Boardwork. Action Research. Interviews. Construction. Card Sorts. Rating Scales/Questionnaires. Oral Presentations. Role Playing. Dramatization. Simulations/Games. Cooperative Learning. Handouts. CHAPTER 4: Building a Learning Community. Working With Other Teachers. Guidelines for Collaborative Teams. Working with Your Principal. Improving Parent--Teacher Relations. Parent Conferences. The Successful Open House. Substitutes. Working with Support Staff. Working with Volunteers/Aides. Handouts. CHAPTER 5: In Search of Educational Excellence. Becoming an Effective Teacher. Effective Teacher Checklist. Why Teachers Fail. Effective Schools. Professional Development. Professional Organizations. Educational Journals. Stress and Burnout in the Classroom. CHAPTER 6: Effective Use of School Time The Erosion of School Time. Prisoners of Time. Tips on Minimizing Classroom Interruptions. Teacher Time Robbers. Classroom Routines. The Challenge of Paperwork. Communications. Teacher Time Log. "To Do" List. Assessing Student Time--on--Task. Conquer Procrastination Now! Scrounging for Supplies. Student Help. Handouts. CHAPTER 7: Helpful Teaching Resources. ERIC Clearinghouses. The Internet as a Learning Resource. Sources of Educational Computer Software. Computer Software for Improving Teacher Productivity. Sources of Rubber Stamps. Suppliers of Instructional Materials.

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