The twentieth century, a people's history


The twentieth century, a people's history

Howard Zinn

HarperPerennial, 1998

Rev. and updated ed


The 20th century, a people's history

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"From the author's A people's history of the United States, with new chapters on the Bush and Clinton presidencies"

Bibliography: p. [445]-457

Includes index



Containing Just the Twentieth-Century Chapters from Howard Zinn's bestselling A People's History of the United States, this reissue is brought up-to-date with coverage of events and developments since the mid-1980s, analyzing such incidents in modern political history as the Gulf War, the post -- Cold War "peace dividend", and the continuing debate over welfare. Highlighting not just the usual terms of presidential administrations and congressional activities, this book provides readers with a "bottom-to-top" perspective, giving voice to our nation's minorities and letting the stories of such groups as African Americans, women, Native Americans, and the laborers of all nationalities be told in their own words.<p>Challenging traditional interpretations of U.S. history, The Twentieth Century is the book for readers interested in gaining a more realistic and complete picture of our world.<p>"Professor Zinn writes with an enthusiasm rarely encountered in the leaden prose of academic history.... A step toward a coherent new version of American history". -- New York Times Book Review

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