Sounding the inner landscape : music as medicine


    • Gardner, K. (Kay)


Sounding the inner landscape : music as medicine

Kay Gardner

Element, 1997

  • : pbk. : alk. paper

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Originally published: Stonington, Me. : Caduceus Publications , c1990

Includes bibliographical references (p. 245-254) and index

Discography: p. 268



Sound has the capacity to affect us on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This work ties together a number of traditions, both scientific and metaphysical, to explore the beneficient force of music. Drawing upon research into mathematics, chemistry, physics and ancient cultures, Kay Gardner explaines the healing effects of different instruments, keys and musical forms. She explains which keys stimulate specific areas of the body that govern the immune system, excite the passions, or soothe the soul. She also interweaves traditions as far-flung as Native American beliefs and the Chinese meridian system, the properties of Chakras (from the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel") and their correspondences with Western nervous and endocrine systems.

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