Haydn studies


Haydn studies

edited by W. Dean Sutcliffe

Cambridge University Press, 1998

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The advances in Haydn scholarship would have been unthinkable to earlier generations, who honoured the composer more in word than in deed. Haydn Studies deals with many aspects of a composer who is perennially fresh, concentrating principally on matters of reception, style and aesthetics and presenting many interesting readings of the composer's work. Haydn has never played a major role in accounts of cultural history and has never achieved the emblematic status accorded to composers such as Beethoven, Debussy and Stravinsky, in spite of his radical creative agenda: this volume broadens the base of our understanding of the composer.


  • Preface
  • Editor's note
  • 1. The consequences of presumed innocence: the nineteenth-century reception of Joseph Haydn Leon Botstein
  • 2. Haydn's sacred vocal music and the aesthetics of salvation James Webster
  • 3. Sentiment and sensibility in La vera costanza Jessica Waldoff
  • 4. Haydn as Romantic: a chemical experiment with instrumental music Daniel K. L. Chua
  • 5. Haydn's 'Cours complet de la composition' and the Sturm und Drang Mark Evan Bonds
  • 6. Haydn's reversals: style change, gesture and the implication-realization model Michael Spitzer
  • 7. Haydn's symphonies between Sturm und Drang and 'Classical style': art and entertainment James Webster
  • 8. The Haydn piano trio: textual facts and textural principles W. Dean Sutcliffe
  • 9. Papa Doc's recap caper: Haydn and temporal dyslexia George Edwards
  • 10. Haydn: the musicians' musician Robin Holloway
  • Index.

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