Patterns in Java : a catalog of reusable design patterns illustrated with UML


    • Grand, Mark


Patterns in Java : a catalog of reusable design patterns illustrated with UML

Mark Grand

Wiley, c1998-c1999

  • v. 1 : pbk.
  • v. 2 : pbk.


Patterns in Java

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"Wiley computer publishing."

Includes bibliographical references and index

v. 1:PHYS:xi, 467 p. ; 24cm + 1 CD-ROM

v. 2:PHYS:xii, 354 p. ; 24cm + 1 CD-ROM

v. 2:TR:Patterns in Java



v. 1 : pbk. ISBN 9780471258391


This text covers design patterns written in Java. It introduces new patterns and demonstrates how to make them work, supplying over 50 real-world examples with their code. Other topics include coverage of UML and how it fits in with the design phase and patterns.


  • Introduction to Software Patterns
  • Overview of UML
  • The Software Life Cycle
  • Fundamental Design Patterns
  • Creational Patterns
  • Partitioning Patterns
  • Structural Patterns
  • Behavioral Patterns
  • Concurrency Patterns
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix
  • Index.

v. 2 : pbk. ISBN 9780471258414


Patterns have emerged as one of the most significant new fields in object-oriented technology. Patterns can be code, rules, methods, problems or solutions that keep recurring in a software project. The appeal of patterns is that experienced programmers can share them, or nuggets of lessons learned, with other programmers to help save enormous amounts of product development time and money. Following on from the first volume, this book covers newer types of patterns written in Java such as - GRASP, Presentation or GUI, Coding, and Testing. The books work together, yet can also be read independently. The author uses UML to diagram each pattern. Other important topics include: coverage of UML and how it fits in with the analysis, implementation, and testing phases of a life cycle; case studies that demonstrate how to use these patterns in the real world; covers where NOT to use patterns; use of presentation or GUI patterns with Java Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing); over 45 different patterns presented with real-world examples and code; and a CD-ROM gives all Patterns code used in book plus J Whiteboard Edition Rational Rose '98.


Introduction to Software Patterns. Overview of UML. The Software Life Cycle. GRASP Patterns. GUI Design Patterns. Organizational Coding Patterns. Coding Optimization Patterns. Code Robustness Patterns. Testing Patterns. Bibliography. Appendices. Index.

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