Anger at work : learning the art of anger management on the job


Anger at work : learning the art of anger management on the job

Hendrie Weisinger

W. Morrow, c1995

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 167) and index



In Anger at Work, Dr. Hendrie Weisinger, the leading specialist in anger management, presents a dramatic reappraisal of anger. When applied, the anger management skills he shares will help you respond productively to provoking situations we all encounter daily at work: harassment, angry groups and coworkers, incompetence, career plateaus, cut benefits, and more. Dr. Weisinger teaches you the art of anger management on the job - and how to use anger as a positive force for improving results in multiple and diverse ways: increasing productivity and profits, building relationships and morale, and enhancing customer service and job enjoyment. With clarity and focus, Anger at Work will expand your awareness and understanding of the role emotions and moods play in a business setting and why anger is inherent in any work activity. Dr. Weisinger distills the psychological processes we all experience with any anger episode and gives you breakthrough skills - mood sensing, mood infecting, immunizing yourself to emotional contagion - that will allow you to transform anger from a negative, self-defeating experience into a powerful and creative source of energy.

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