Fundamentals of anorectal surgery


Fundamentals of anorectal surgery

edited by David E. Beck and Steven D. Wexner ; foreword by Victor W. Fazio

W. B. Saunders, 1998

2nd ed.

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Previous ed.: S.l. : McGraw-Hill, 1992

Includes index



This is the definitive work on anorectal surgery - the only book devoted totally to the subject. The first edition, published by McGraw Hill, became the gold standard for information on disorders of the anus and rectum. The book has been extensively revised and is a substantial improvement on the first edition in both content and presentation. Several new chapters have been introduced and a whole new art programme included. All condition related chapters conclude with the authors optimum management plan for quick reference. Features: * The definitive work for those with a special interest in disorders of the anus and rectum. * Author's management plan concludes each chapter. * Greatly improved content and presentation. * New chapters on minimally invasive surgery, physiologic testing and nursing considerations.


Anorectal Anatomy and Physiology. Patient Evaluation. Anorectal Physiologic Testing. Congenital and Pediatric Anorectal Conditions. Preoperative and Postoperative Care. Operative and Anaesthetic Technique. Functional Anorectal Disorders. Rectal Prolapse and Intussusception. Anal Incontinence. Fistula-In-Ano and Abscess. Rectovaginal Fistulas. Rectocele and Perineal Hernias. Pruritis Ani: Diagnosis and Treatment. Fissure in Ano and Anal Stenosis. Pilonidal Disease. Perianal Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Hemorrhoidal Disease. Procalgia Fugax, Levator Syndrome and Pelvic Pain. Anal Neoplasms. Rectal Carcinoma: Etiology and Evaluation. Rectal Carcinoma. Rectal Cancer: Adjuvant Therapy. Other Rectal Neoplasms. Presacral Tumours in Adults. Sexually Transmitted and Infectious Diseases. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Anorectal Trauma. Ulcerative Proctitis and Crohn's Disease. Proctitis. Anorectal Crohn's Disease. Minimally Invasive Anorectal Surgery. Nursing Considerations.

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