Industry, space, and competition : the contribution of economists of the past



Industry, space, and competition : the contribution of economists of the past

edited by Michel Bellet, Corine L'Harmet

Edward Elgar Pub., c1998

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Twelve papers from a conference held at Saint-Victor-sur-Loire on 12-13 October 1996

Includes bibliographical references and index



Industry, Space and Competition rediscovers the contributions of the past on industrial organization and spatial economics and analyses these within the context of current movements towards globalization, regionalization and localization. It re-examines the work of von Thunen, Marshall, Weber and Perroux as well as re-assessing less well-known authors including Quesnay, George and Hearn whose contributions have previously been largely disregarded. The book analyses their contributions to spatial economics, industrial organization and economic geography within an historical context. The authors then go on to discuss related issues which are not strictly from the discipline of economics. Finally the authors propose that there should be more interaction with other disciplines including history and geography in order to gain a greater understanding of the subject. This book will be welcomed by historians of economic thought, regional economists, industrial economists, especially those interested in industrial organisation and competition, and scholars of international economics and economic geography.


Contents: Introduction Part I: Thunen 1. Coase and Thunen 2. Thunen's Contribution to Location Economics and Marginal Productivity Theory Part II: Marshall 3. The Nation as an Organized System of Production 4. Industrial Districts as Knowledge Communities 5. Alfred Marshall and Territorial Organization of Industry Part III: Weber and Perroux 6. Economic Space, Institutions and Dynamics 7. The Organization of Industry and Location Part IV: The Forgotten Authors 8. The Economic Implications of the Location of England and the Location of France 9. W.E. Hearn on the Industrial Organization of Society 10. Henry George on the Location of Economic Activity Part V: Other Readings and Rereadings 11. The Notion of Space in the Economic Work of Emile Levasseur 12. A National Bank or Local Banks? Index

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