Weaving a new tapestry : Asia in the post-cold war world : case studies and general trends


Weaving a new tapestry : Asia in the post-cold war world : case studies and general trends

edited by William P. Head and Edwin G. Clausen

Praeger, 1999

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Bibliography: p. [335]-362

Includes index


  • Gung ho! : the Chinese industrial cooperatives in China's socialist market economy / Marjorie King
  • Structural adjustment and Pakistan's environment : vicious or virtuous cycle? / Rachel A. Nugent
  • Institutional reform and climate change : the implications of transaction costs on China's carbon emissions / C. Leigh Anderson and David A. Hennes
  • The Vietnamese Communist Party and economic reform : the transformation of social, agricultural, and industrialization policies, 1975-1996 / Lewis M. Stern
  • An unequal contest : China versus the Philippines in the South China Sea / Ross Marlay and Samuel S. Stanton
  • Historical legacies and contemporary ASEAN-PRC relations / Paul A. Rodell
  • NGOs and Japan's role in post-cold war Asia / David M. Potter
  • Nationalism in a postcolonial world : the case of Korea / J. Michael Allen
  • Progress or regress : women and economic reforms in China / Sun Yi
  • An unacknowledged revolution : women's role in China's private economy / James T. Gillam
  • Gender in a cultural nationalist context : women's access to political power in India / Sudha Ratan
  • Resurgence of private schools in post-Mao China / Peng Deng
  • Globalizing flows in the Chinese countryside / Gregory Eliyu Guldin



The fall of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe has affected nations throughout the world. This broad-based study examines how this major historical event has influenced the governments, societies, economies, and foreign relations of Asia. The work of 15 scholars is divided into three sections: Economic Development and Environmental Impact; Politics and Foreign Relations; and Social and Women's Issues. Chapters span the far reaches of Asia, from Japan to Pakistan, from China to the Philippines. This first thorough interdisciplinary analysis concludes that nations such as Japan, India, and the Philippines have been less influenced than China, Korea, and Vietnam. In each case, while direct impact of the end of the Cold War has been minimal, there is strong evidence of more subtle effects. The breadth of the regional coverage and the diversity of the subject matter will interest scholars and researchers alike. The authors pose as many questions as they answer, and their conclusions are certain to stimulate debate.


Preface Introduction: Weaving a New Tapestry by Bill Head Economic Development and Environmental Impact Gung Ho! The Chinese Industrial Cooperatives in China's Socialist Market Economy by Marjorie King Structural Adjustment and Pakistan's Environment: Vicious or Virtuous Cycle by Rachel A. Nugent Institutional Reform and Climate Change: The Implications of Transaction Costs on China's Carbon Emissions by C. Leigh Anderson and David A. Hennes Politics and Foreign Relations The Vietnamese Communist Party and Economic Reform: The Transformation of Social, Agricultural, and Industrialization Policies, 1975-1996 by Lewis Stern An Unequal Contest: China versus the Phlippines in the South China Sea by Ross Marlay and Samuel S. Stanton Historical Legacies and Contemporary ASEAN-PRC Relations by Paul A. Rodell NGOs and Japan's Role in Post-Cold War Asia by David Potter Nationalism in a Postcolonial World: The Case of Korea by J. Michael Allen Social and Women's Issues Progress or Regress: Women and Economic Reforms in China by Yi Sun Unacknowledged Revolution: Women's Role in China's Private Economy by James T. Gillam Gender in a Cultural Nationalist Context: Women's Access to Political Power in India by Sudha Ratan Resurgence of Private Schools in Post-Mao China by Peng Deng Globalizing Flows in the Chinese Countryside by Gregory Eliyu Guldin Bibliography Index

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